The player must kill these individual slimes until you get the

Minecraft Enemies Tutorial Xbox 360

SkeletonSkeletons are a nuisance for anyone who knows anything about cheap moncler coats mens Minecraft. Their main way of killing you is by bow and arrow. Which really becomes a pain, because it means that they can kill you at a distance. And no one likes being killed on Minecraft. No one.

The good news is, these guys really only survive at night and in the rain. Like the zombies, they burn once dawn comes and the sunlight hits. However, if it starts to rain in the beginning of the day, the skeletons will survive.

Killing them is pretty much an all out attack. Don’t waste your time trying to sneak around them or do the old hit and run. moncler outlet store The amount of arrows you’ll take in the process isn’t even worth it. iron) and continuously hit them until they keel over and die. They usually drop bones which can then be used to tame wolves.

ZombieThat’s right. The undead are not exempt from the Minecraft universe. And what’s even worse is these guys pack a punch. Zombies, like skeletons, will burn once exposed to sunlight, however, will still cheap moncler jackets survive in the rain.

Zombies do major damage, and can kill your player with a few good swipes if no armor is equipped. Killing them by hand is not such an easy task either, and takes a bit of skill and enough experience of dealing with these walking dead foes.

How to kill them: Prepare yourself. Wear armor. Armor protects you from falls and damage taken by enemies. Zombies are a large part of why armor is necessary. Using a tough sword will also give moncler outlet online you an advantage, and the way in which you kill them can moncler outlet prices ensure you don’t take any damage in the process.

Zombies will jump back once hit, which means that you need to move forward and strike again before they get the chance to run at you. This will cause them to keep jumping back with every consecutive hit. This is a neat trick that will ensure you moncler uk outlet don’t lose any hearts from the battle, and will help kill him off quick.

Important note: Zombies can break down doors to your house. This is called bashing. Which moncler womens jackets means that the more zombies there are at your door, the higher chance there is of them breaking down the door moncler sale and coming into your home to kill you.

CreeperThey’re green. They’re loathed. And worst of all, they’re dead silent. You’ll never know a creeper is coming until it’s too late. And by that time, you’ll hear the ‘sssss’ sound and then it’s all over.

Creepers have this wonderful tendency of blowing themselves up. Which means if you’re out exploring in a deep cave somewhere, and a creeper blows you to kingdom come, you will be respawned somewhere far away, and all you items will be lost in that dark, cold cave somewhere. What a waste.

The good news is, creepers can be killed. But the key is to notice them first, which is difficult. A good rule of thumb is that creepers will glow white and stay still seconds before they blow moncler outlet woodbury up. This gives you precious seconds cheap moncler sale to move out of the way of the blast area. Chances are, you’ll sustain some damage, but if you’re wearing armor (which is highly recommended), that’ll cushion the amount of hurt you take on.

Please note, having wolves will not help your situation. Wolves will attack all enemies except creepers.

Kill creepers with swords and use the hit and run method. Having a stronger sword will kill it off quicker. A good tactic is to strike it and move away at moncler sale online just the right timing, so it blows itself up, yet gives you enough time to escape the blast radius.

SpiderIt’s a teen girl’s worst nightmare. Gigantic spiders. In the Minecraft world, they can best moncler jackets get to be a real pain. And there’s a few things about them that you should know:

1) Webs. Spiders love doing things. Included in those things is web making. They love making webs everywhere. All the time. It’s just that much fun. However, for you, not so much. Getting caught in a spider’s web will slow you down by a lot. So if you are under attack by multiple spiders and happen to get caught in their webs, there’s a good chance you’ll be killed. Webs can be destroyed fastest using swords. But the main point is to avoid them.

2) Poison. Yes, spiders are poisonous but not all of them are. The way to tell the difference? Color. Black spiders are non venemous. So if you get bitten, you won’t receive the nasty after effects of poison. Blue spiders, however, are venemous and will result in you taking extra damage after a spider cheap moncler jackets mens bite. Kill them off quick.

3) Speed. Spiders are fairly quick. Not as fast as you, of course, but fighting multiple ones can be a bit of a problem. A good idea is to have a Potion of Swiftness handy to make your feet a bit lighter and give you the upper hand against these eight legged monstrosities. In the Minecraft world, endermen serve one sole purpose. To grab blocks and move them around. Wow. What a destiny.

Endermen are often found in caves, usually with blocks in their hands.

Note: Endermen are completely harmless unless you:

1) Attack them first

2) Look them in the eyes.

That’s right. If an enderman catches you looking him in the eyes, it’s game on. And the weird thing about these guys? They can move incredibly fast to the point that they will disappear out of your sight. That’s right. They can transport themselves far away from you in the blink of an eye, only to reappear behind you and attack. That’s why it’s important to wear armor and use powerful weapons. Once an enderman is hit too many times, he will transport himself away from you. Be uk moncler sale on edge. An enderman does not forget. And killing these guys is a bit of a task all its own.

SlimeSlimes are a fairly easy foe. Slimes spawn deep underground, moncler outlet sale and can see you through cave walls. They jump in the direction of the player, despite any obstacles that may be in their way. A slime, once moncler outlet hit enough times, will then split into smaller slimes. The player must kill these individual slimes until you get the smallest of them. The smallest ones will not split up, but instead drop slimeballs, which are a moncler sale outlet crucial ingredient when making sticky pistons. Also, slimeballs can be used with blaze powder to make some fire resistance potions.

Slimes cause the most damage in their full form, so its a good idea to split these green guys up and kill them moncler online store off uk moncler outlet one by one. Also keep note that although the small slimes might not cause damage, they can still discount moncler jackets push your player off cliffs or Moncler Outlet into lava. So take precautions.

Spider JockeyThe dreaded spider jockey. For this enemy, there’s some good news and some bad news. The good news is, this enemy is extremely rare. How rare you may ask? Spiders have a 1% chance of spawning with a skeleton riding it. If you ask me, that’s a pretty slim chance.

The bad news is that an encounter with a spider cheap moncler jackets womens jockey can kill your player within seconds if not equipped with the right weapons and equipment. Spider jockeys are armed with the agility, sight, and wall crawling abilities of the spider, along with the arrow shooting capabilities of the skeleton.

When faced with this foe, it is best to attack the skeleton first at a distance. Enchanted bows are a good bet, but if you don’t have one of those, don’t sweat it. Just do your best moncler usa to take out the skeleton whether at close range or long. This will then leave you the spider, which you can finish off with your sword.